Advocacy Council for Abused Deaf Children

The purpose of the Advocacy Council for Abused Deaf Children (ACADC) is to prevent the abuse of deaf children and to promote the development of appropriate and quality treatment resources for families with a deaf member. Our geographic focus is Los Angeles County.



Established in July 1991 the Advocacy Council for Abused Deaf Children (ACADC) has worked hard to improve system wide response to the needs of the abused deaf child, deaf parents, and adult deaf survivors of child abuse and deaf children/families at risk for abuse. At the time of its inception, the Advocacy Council was the only Child Abuse Council in the state of California to focus on the needs of the disabled and it has served as a model for other councils.

From the beginning, the Council has benefited from strong support from the Deaf community. Its by-laws require that the Council Chair be a deaf person. All council affairs are conducted in American Sign Language and voice. This strong support and inclusive philosophy has institutionalized a strong measure of cultural and linguistic competency.


Agency Collaboration

In order to accomplish its goals of serving deaf clients, service providers needed to come together to establish a network of agencies for clients to utilize. The ACADC helped bring professionals together to discuss the needs of the community and collaborate on resources and community events.

Some of the agencies involved include:

  • Five Acres Deaf Services Program – Providing in-home counseling services to families with a deaf member. birth through 21, Parenting classes, and school based counseling for deaf children. Advocacy and community outreach.
  • Peace Over Violence (formerly Los Angeles Commission on Assault Against Women,) Deaf and Disabled services – Providing rape, incest, domestic violence support groups and survivor assistance, peer counseling, hospital and court accompaniment. Shelter referral and support services. Public education, self-defense classes and advocacy.
  • Greater Los Angeles Council on Deafness – Advocacy, cultural and community resources. Interpreter referral.
  • School programs of all types working with service providers to meet the needs of the children involved.

ACADC is committed to continuing to provide advocacy and quality services to the Deaf Community.


You can visit our facebook page for more information: Advocacy Council for Abused Deaf Children (ACADC).


Contact Information

Co-Chairs: Cody Hanable and Amy Kay (626) 993-3165

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