LAC-Family, Children, Community Advisory Council (AA Council)

LAC-FCCAC is one of 12 child abuse prevention councils in Los Angeles County.  We were established in 1983 with the intent of providing professionals with the education and skills to identify, assess, treat and prevent child abuse. It is our belief that every child shall have the opportunity to reside in a non-violent home with knowledgeable, understanding, and loving parents absent any classification of child or family violence to interrupt their development.

LAC-FCCAC was incorporated as a non-profit corporation (501 C3) in 1992. The primary goals of LAC-FCCAC are to:

  1. Expand the skill set of service providers through workshops, seminars and conferences,
  2. Advocate for the prevention, intervention, and treatment services of family violence,
  3. Identify projects, research and organizations who can serve as resources,
  4. Advocate, review, and disseminate all legislation and funding resources related to family violence and or child abuse.

Meeting Dates and Time: 4th Friday of each month at Coco’s Bakery Restaurant on 182nd Street and Hawthorne Boulevard in Torrance at 9:00 AM

PAST PROJECTS: LAC-FCCAC have provided and or supported the following:

  • Scholarships to Department of Children & Family Services graduating high school students
  • Scholarships to students who visited Historically Black Colleges (HBCs)
  • Child Abuse Prevention Month (April) by distributing prevention materials to community agencies and professionals
  • Mentoring and will provide scholarships to high school girls enrolled in the Los Angeles Ebony Guild
  • Mentoring and will provide scholarships to graduating students of Elevate Your G.A.M.E. program
  • Partner with Elevate Your G.A.M.E.’s “Mentoring Through Music Project.  A new song and mentoring materials will be distributed approximately once a month, that can be used to mentor urban youth., (2016)

Past Conferences, Trainings, and Workshops Topics

  • Sexual Abuse of Adolescents
  • Understanding and Combating Institutional Racism in Child Welfare
  • Transformational Leadership Development of Adolescents and Young Adults
  • Cultural Awareness and Child Protective Services
  • Overview of Department of Children & Family Programs
  • Safely Surrendered Baby Law
  • Trends in Adolescent Sexual Behaviors
  • Bullying Among Children and Youth
  • Dual Diagnosis of Mental Health Disorders Amongst Children in Foster Care
  • Law and Ethical Issues for Professionals
  • Urban Female Youth and Teen Pregnancy…The Impact on the Life Span of the Woman and Child (April 21, 2016)


LAC-FCCAC would like to leave a legacy of people who can provide children, youth, young adults, families and community members with strength, knowledge, imagination and deep caring.

Contact Information

Sandra J. Guine, LCSW, ACSW, LAC-FCCAC Chair