LGBT Child Abuse Prevention Council


The Mission of the Council is to promote the safety and well-being of LGBTQ youth and children in Los Angeles County, and facilitate their transition to early adulthood by educating communities, parents, families, caregivers, and mandated reporters about sexual orientation and gender identity. Our Vision is for all youth and children in Los Angeles County to be safe and affirmed in their sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

Projects & Trainings

EDGY Conference –in collaboration with Penny Lane centers, the annual Embracing Diversity of GLBTQ Youth (E.D.G.Y.) Conference is held each November. The conference increases knowledge and awareness of the needs of LGBTQ Youth and families, and empowers social service and mental health professionals to support the LGBTQ community through an array of services and resources. The Council sponsors 40 scholarships which go to parent groups, social service providers, mental health professionals and educators who otherwise could not attend.

Social Marketing Campaign – We produce and distribute social marketing materials including our “5 Things to Know if you Think Your Child May LGBTQ” cards in English/Spanish and English/Mandarin, and our Safe Zone stickers, which identify professionals who will be supportive of LGBTQ youth. These materials are provided to service providers to use to show their openness to working with LGBTQ youth, and as a resource to the families they serve.

Council Meetings

Quarterly, 5:30-7:00 PM, Locations TBD


5 Things to Know

LGBT CAPC Brochure


Contact Information

Mark Abelsson, Chair