End Abuse Long Beach

The Long Beach Area Child Trauma Council was founded in 1975—the first such Council in California and the second in the United States. We spearheaded the creation of the California Consortium of Child Abuse Councils and earned a strong reputation as a leading voice in child abuse prevention.

In July 1996, The Child Trauma Council merged with the local Domestic Violence Council to become The Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Prevention Council. The Council was incorporated in 1993.

In June, 2005, the Council renamed itself, End Abuse Long Beach.

Upcoming Projects & Trainings

Please visit our website at www.endabuselb.org for an up to date schedule of monthly training’s and events.

Program Schedule

New Speaker/Topic Each 2nd Thursday of the Month 9:00am

All trainings are virtual until further notice https://us06web.zoom.us/j/3775072168?pwd=VVZSQUJVR1crdDB4UUMxSjlxWGpBUT09

Updated training info and recording can be found on the website.  EndAbuseLB.org

Contact Information

President/Chair: Kathryn Miles